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    Vertical Packing Machine
    Pillow Packing Machine
    Overwrapping Machine
    Full Automactic Shrink Machine
    Packing Production Line
    No. 568 NingFu Road, Fengxian District South Bridge, Shanghai
    Mobile phone:
    Sheng Zhonghua

    Shanghai Shunxin Electrical Accessories Co., Ltd was established in 1994, a company specialized in manufacturing wire, cable, electrical devices for automobile and solar photovoltaic stents. The products are mainly vehicle booster cable, battery clamp, battery terminal, cable joint, hand tools and automotive suspension systems, supply and exhaust system parts, solar photovoltaic roof as well as ground mounting system. The company is recognized by customers by dint of sincerity and honesty, the attitude of keeping improving. The products are all for export sales indirectly.

    Scope of business
    1.Battery cable: ranging from 50A - 600A , there are plastic and rubber cables, as well as copper plated, galvanized, nickel plated, chromeplated, PVC coated, PVC, PE, ABS and polycarbon clamps.
    2.Automotive wiring harness, connecting wire, connector, battery joint, bond strap
    3.Hardware, hand tools: wire drawer, hole opening wrench, hole locking wrench, nails introducer, folded cup for outdoors using, auto mirror, tool bags hasp
    4.Photovoltaic stents for using on pitched roof, flat roof and ground.
    5.Auto suspension, cushioning, supply and exhaust steam system and gasoline engine parts
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